Kent carer helps save retired nurse’s life

Betty Bunes and Michelle Halford
Betty Bunes and Michelle Halford

A Kent home care worker has helped save her client’s life after becoming worried about her weight loss.

Michelle Halford, of UK wider carer platform Curam Care, insisted that 93-year-old nurse Betty Bunes of Whitstable go to hospital to be checked after she started vomiting and losing weight.

Bunes was admitted to William Harvey Hospital in Ashford where doctors discovered she had a gallstone, which had resulted in an infection, subsequently spreading to her lungs and liver. She was seriously ill for some time and spent four weeks in hospital, before making a full recovery and returning home.

Halford said: “I could tell that Betty was really unwell as she was in serious discomfort and was very weak. She was sick after each time she ate and had stopped socialising because she felt so poorly. I managed to convince her that she needed to go to hospital and I was only doing my job of looking after her. I’m so pleased that she has made a full recovery.

“She’s a real character and it’s great to see her back to her usual self. I’ve been a carer for 25 years and I get so much satisfaction knowing I have helped someone and made their day.”

Bunes’ son Jan commented: “If it hadn’t been for Michelle, mum wouldn’t be here today – it’s that simple. When she was admitted, the doctors told us that mum was seriously ill and if she hadn’t gone in that day she would have most likely experienced organ failure and not survived.

“Having Michelle has been a godsend. She is a brilliant carer. Along with many other carers, they carry out a difficult job and often don’t get the recognition they deserve. She is a great example of a highly professional and experienced carer and I’d like to thank her publicly for all that she does.”

Following her intervention, Halford was named Carer of the Month and awarded £100 in Amazon vouchers by the home care technology platform.

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