Reviewing your Commercial Mortgage Options with Chandler & Co.

As we approach the anniversary of a year of living with COVID-19, vaccination rollout is in full swing, and we all hope this will be the beginning of the end of the Covid pandemic.

2020 has been the most challenging period we have ever had to deal with, bringing a lot of fear and uncertainty. However, during these challenging times we have delivered deals for our customers and we truly believe the care home market will continue to be a sector which the banks will continue to support. There are a number of reasons for this including: the demand for care homes remains strong, care home relatives and staff members have received the vaccination, and a number of care homes who have had cases of Covid have proven to be extremely resilient, which is a testament to the staff and operators who are a credit to the sector.

If you are considering reviewing your current financial position or are planning on expanding your portfolio in 2021 please contact us. We can utilise our extensive experience to help you when presenting your funding proposal to lenders.

Some of the deals we have successfully completed recently include:

• Existing operator purchased their 3rd home expanding their portfolio to 101 beds – Loan Amount £1,875,000 ~ LTV 55% ~ Loan Term 15 years
• 40 bed Care Home purchase – Loan amount: £2m ~ LTV: 70% ~ Loan Term 60 months interest only
• For existing Care Home Operator purchasing a 24-bed home -75% LTV ~ 5 year loan commitment ~ 25 year amortisation profile ~ 12 months interest only
• Purchase of investment property, lease agreement in place at completion. Loan amount – £524,475 ~ LTV – 70% ~ Loan term – 5 years
• Existing care home operators purchased their third Care Home and refinanced their 2 existing homes. Total beds 76. ~ Loan Amount – £2.1m ~ LTV – 65% ~ Loan Term – 5-year commitment / 20 year profile

We will only take on your proposal if we are confident in securing competitive funding for you and your business.

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Date Published: March 10, 2021