Live music is back at Colten Care

Colten Care’s Brook View
Resident Freda Sherwood, 91, joins entertainer Simon Woodley. On the left is companionship team leader Sarah Moule

Music-loving care home residents have welcomed the return of one of their favourite entertainers after two years of only seeing him online via Skype due to the pandemic.

Christchurch-based pianist and vocalist Simon Woodley performed live at Colten Care’s Brook View in West Moors, Dorset, and Kingfishers in New Milton, Hampshire, for the first time since spring 2020.

The in-person show at Brook View was a particular treat for resident Freda Sherwood, 91, who used to have the same piano teacher as Simon and is a long-standing fan of his playing, as well as playing classical pieces herself on the home’s two pianos.     

Companionship team leader Sarah Moule said: “If Freda is at a piano, she will smile and sing. It’s the same when she sees Simon play. When lockdown hit, Simon was one of the first entertainers across the Colten Care group to suggest doing Skype music sessions. Freda always looked forward to them each week but you can’t beat having music performed right there in front of you.

“It was a joy to see her face when Simon appeared in person once again, set up his keyboard and invited her to sit with him and play a few notes.”

Woodley, who performed a selection of residents’ requests including jazz standards, songs from the shows and classical pieces, said: “Skype was all we could manage during lockdown so it was lovely to return. I’ve been playing at Colten Care for around 10 years and I am chuffed to bits to be back again.”   

Date Published: June 27, 2022