Carers from Manorcourt Homecare get on their company bikes

Healthcare Homes has launched its new fleet of 38 bikes as part of an initiative to reach a wider market of job seekers including those who don’t drive and may not have previously considered a career in home care.Carers from across the company’s homecare branches are delighted with the new bikes, which also provide a green and healthy way for them to get around.

At the company’s Lowestoft Branch, new recruit Rhiannon has been using her bike to do shadow shifts with an experienced carer in the area. 

Branch manager Tamsin Warren explained, “The bikes have helped with recruitment, Rhiannon is delighted to have such a quick and easy way to get around.”

The bikes have also been used to help current staff get around without a car.

Hornchurch branch manager Sarah Kendrick said, “Our carers can cover quite a large patch during the course of a day and using a bike is a great advantage for some of them – but particularly those who don’t drive.

“One of the bikes here is being used by a carer who has been with us for 10 years and has always used her own bike which was nearly 28 years old. Needless to say, she is delighted.”

At other branches, the bikes are kept in a pool to be used by any carers as they need them. Healthcare Homes’ head office in Colchester also has a bike pool to allow support teams to get out and about during lunch breaks if they want to.

The Bridgford Priory Heritage bikes have been sent out to our 11 homecare branches in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. The blue bikes come with back panniers and a front basket for carers to keep everything neat and tidy plus a cycle helmet for safety and a bike lock for security.

Promoted by Cycling UK, Bike Week (6-12 June) aimed to encourage as many people as possible to enjoy their community on two wheels. The initiative celebrated cycling and urged businesses to get involved in supporting staff to cycle more and promoting active travel.

Date Published: June 13, 2022