Voices of Care talks to Care Inspectorate head Jackie Irvine

Care Inspectorate chief executive Jackie Irvine
Care Inspectorate chief executive Jackie Irvine

Newcross Healthcare is pleased to announce the recent appearance of Jackie Irvine, chief executive of the Care Inspectorate, as a guest on its Voices of Care podcast. The podcast, hosted by Suhail Mirza, focuses on issues related to health and social care across in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 

During this episode, Irvine discusses the scope of the work carried out by the Care Inspectorate, which registers and regulates over 11,000 services in Scotland. The Care Inspectorate covers a wide range of services, from early learning and childcare centres to care homes to nursing agencies.  

Irvine emphasizes the importance of better assurance in services and the government’s vision of providing access to high-quality services throughout Scotland. She also discusses the significant changes and challenges faced by the sector, including the pace of transformation, the demographic challenges and the impact of the pandemic. The Care Inspectorate head also highlights the need for a diverse and agile workforce, as well as the importance of digital transformation and data in improving outcomes and supporting providers. 

Collaboration and continuous learning were central themes in Irvine’s discussion. She highlighted the importance of collaboration with other regulatory bodies and the involvement of those who experience care and staff in co-designing inspection frameworks. Irvine also emphasized the need for continuous innovation and the promotion of a positive culture within the sector. 

One of the key topics addressed during the podcast was the regulator’s focus on infants, children and young people. Irvine discussed The Promise, established by the Independent Care Review, which aims to ensure every child grows up loved, safe, respected, and is able to realize their potential. She highlighted the Care Inspectorate’s work in early learning and childcare, providing guidance, support and improvement opportunities for services.  

Overall, the podcast offered valuable insights into the future of social care in Scotland and the important role played by the Care Inspectorate in ensuring quality and improvement of outcomes. 

To view the episode click here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KFz6RM4qxQ

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