Two thirds of health and care workers want NHS-style National Care Service from next government

New data has shown the popularity of a National Care Service (much like the NHS) among health and care workers, with more than two thirds confirming that they approve of the idea.

The data comes from a survey conducted by Florence, a staffing software specialist in the sector.

The results also showed that 46% of respondents plan on voting for Labour in the coming election on 4 July, while only 12% intend to vote Conservative.

The survey of 320 NHS and social care nurses and care assistants also revealed that 49% of healthcare staff are in favour of NHS national service for 18 year olds.

Elsewhere, 41% report worsening working conditions under Conservative leadership, while say they 54% would strike in the future and 74% want better pay and working conditions for healthcare staff from the next government.

80% of respondents said they will definitely or probably vote on 4 July, and 36% said the economy, cost of living and jobs were most influential to their vote, surpassing the second-highest response of ‘healthcare and NHS funding’ at 27%.

45% of respondents said they trust Labour most to handle NHS and social care issues effectively, vs 10% for the Conservatives, while 28% are undecided.

Meanwhile, 49% were also in strong support of immigration visas for skilled workers, recognising the policy’s effectiveness at least in the short term for addressing staffing shortages.

Charles Armitage, founder of Florence, emphasised the importance of addressing these concerns: “The voices of our frontline NHS and social care workers are clear — they need better pay, improved working conditions and more support from the government.

“This survey underscores the urgency of taking meaningful action to support the dedicated professionals who are the backbone of our healthcare system.

“As we approach the general election, it is crucial for political leaders to listen and respond to the needs of these essential workers.”

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