The Burlington hosts launch of Dementia Friendly Spelthorne

Surrey care home The Burlington hosted the launch of Dementia Friendly Spelthorne, an initiative aiming to improve understanding of dementia in the local area.

The event involved more than 30 representatives of local charities and businesses, including the Mayor of Spelthorne, Denise Saliagopoulos.

Organisations were asked to commit to the Dementia Friendly Pledge, which incudes ensuring at least 50% of staff or volunteers attend a Dementia Friends Workshop; hosting, organising or sponsoring at least one dementia-related event in 2024, and installing dementia-friendly signage.

Kelly Johns, dementia care coordinator at The Burlington, said: “In our collective journey towards compassionate care, knowledge serves as our guiding light. By fostering understanding, we lay the foundation for a community that truly embraces and supports individuals living with dementia.”

Kirsty Ford, admissions manager of The Burlington, said: “Every pledge made, every conversation sparked, brings us closer to our vision of a community that is truly inclusive and supportive.”

The Burlington is owned by Boutique Care Homes.

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