Ontex launches ambitious new environmental campaign

Together Towards 2030

Ontex, the leading, global provider of continence care products has launched an ambitious new environmental policy to become a carbon neutral operation by 2030 with zero waste to landfill in the same year.

With a company ethos is to make a difference by building a world where everyone has access to affordable, personal hygiene products, sustainability is a fundamental part of the strategy moving forwards.

To achieve this ambitious goal the company has set out an upscaled sustainability strategy with three clear goals:

  1. Recycling and recycled packaging – 100% of all packaging will be recyclable by 2030 and they will increase renewable and recycled plastic in their plastic packaging.
  2. Zero production to waste – By 2030 all Ontex production sites will have zero waste to landfill and they will be in a position to turn waste into resources.
  3. Circular solutions – Circularity will be a prime design consideration for absorbent hygiene products.

To become a carbon neutral operation, the company has committed to:

  1. Reducing emissions – working to reduce direct and indirect emissions using science-based targets aligned with the reductions called for by climate scientists.
  2. 100% renewable electricity – aiming to source 100% renewable electricity in their own operations by 2030. In 2019, 70% of the electricity purchased was renewable.
  3. Climate resilience – This can be supported by methods such as carbon sinks, which are natural or artificial deposits that absorb and store carbon from the atmosphere and reduce greenhouse effects. This is an area where the company believes it can have the greatest influence and also address reforestation.

For further information visit https://ontex.com/sustainability or watch this short YouTube video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yet8qnUYSI&feature=emb_logo

Date Published: April 21, 2021