Keep your patients and staff safe with a robust visitor Covid-19 testing regime

In the care industry, preventing the spread of Covid-19 is critical for the protection of patients and residents, their friends and family, and your staff. At Cignpost, we have a range of Covid-19 testing products that can help everyone stay safe.

Why implement a testing programme?

There are many benefits to having a robust testing regime in place in your care setting. Since the removal of free testing at the beginning of April, people are no longer able to access testing in the same way as they had previously. This, alongside the rising cost of living, has meant that many people with friends and relatives in care settings are no longer testing when visiting, unwittingly putting vulnerable residents at risk of Covid-19 infection. Providing tests to your visitors can help reduce the likelihood of this.

Infection control

Implementing a visitor testing regime will help you reduce risk by ensuring your facility is a true bio-secure bubble.

Business continuity

When a Covid-19 outbreak occurs, care homes are forced to ask all residents to self-isolate and prevent outside visits. By testing visitors, care settings can prevent outbreaks and keep the home open.

Resident wellbeing

Residents in a care setting may still feel apprehensive about seeing visitors. Implementing a visitor testing regime will put residents at ease when meeting their loved ones.

Increase the number of visits

A lack of visits from family and friends is detrimental to the mental and physical health and quality of life of care home residents, so it’s vital that visits are able to continue.

How can we help?

The safety of your residents is paramount. With residents in care settings often at higher risk of serious illness following Covid-19 infection than the general public, testing is the best way to ensure that visitors are free from COVID and your residents are happy and safe.

Here’s what we can offer:

  • Lateral flow tests are available to buy in bulk – they come individually packaged, making them perfect for distribution and effective for infection control.
  • Our validated lateral flow tests, where users upload an image of their test, are verified remotely by one of our staff and a ‘Fit to Enter’ certificate is generated.
  • Longstanding procurement partners provide us with millions of lateral flow tests each week – these high stock levels mean we can fulfil orders in bulk even as the global supply chain struggles to meet demand.
  • Remote verification enables us to read tests at scale.
  • Our trained sampling practitioners can be dispatched directly to care settings to provide on-site surge testing to help contain outbreaks of Covid-19.

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