EXCLUSIVE: New care tech map answers all your questions about digital care suppliers

Person using laptop with stethoscope next to it

A marketing, public relations and political communications consultancy has unveiled what it believes to be the first ever comprehensive map of the many care-tech companies within the social care sector.

In recognition of the sometimes-confusing landscape of care tech suppliers, Bridgehead Communications has compiled the activities of 38 pioneering players in the technology space, all of which provide software and other digital solutions dedicated to transforming social care.

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The initiative aims to highlight innovative solutions that enhance the consumer experience for residents and their loved ones, optimise care management for providers, and support efficiency and productivity across the sector.

The sector map includes 38 companies, representing a broad spectrum of technological advancements in social care. Over half of the solutions covered (58%) provided digital tools to better manage home care and supported living, while around two fifths (42%) supported management in care and nursing homes in the UK.

The inclusion of six non-UK companies underscores how innovation in the field of technology targeted at the care sector is a global initiative, with representation from the United States as well as parts of mainland Europe, ranging from the Netherlands to Finland.

Notably, the companies covered in the analysis varied significantly in size and the scope of their operations, ranging from CareBuilder, which has 21 employees, to Alcove, which has just under 100.

One of the companies featured most extensively is Cera Care, which operates in the home care field. Its platform’s primary offering is its ability to match clients with caregivers and facilitate easier and more direct communication between care workers, clients and family members.

Another is the service Found by Lottie, a cloud-based CRM software designed specifically for the care industry. Found by Lottie offers modular solutions for managing enquiries, customer relationships, occupancy, finance and billing. It also partners with close to 1,000 care services, including Care Concern and the Order of St Johns Trust.

Commenting on the infographic, William Walter, managing director of Bridgehead Communications, said: “I’m proud to present Bridgehead Communications’ comprehensive map of the care-tech sector, which categorises 38 key players. This initiative is a significant step towards providing greater clarity and understanding of the rapidly evolving care technology landscape.

“With our population ageing, the adult social care sector is poised to play an increasingly vital role in our society as the demand for care continues to grow. With an ageing population demand for digital innovation in care is also growing. We must embrace solutions that can improve care outcomes, while also improving efficiency.

“Our map highlights the diverse range of technologies available, from remote monitoring and telehealth to advanced data analytics and automated care systems. By providing a detailed overview of the leading companies and their solutions, we aim to support stakeholders, from care providers to policymakers, in navigating this complex ecosystem.

“At Bridgehead Communications, we are looking to establish ourselves as the PR, marketing and thought-leader partner of choice to the adult social care sector and are excited to contribute to this dynamic and critical field. We look forward to seeing the positive impact of these technologies on the lives of those who depend on adult social care.”

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