CHD Living launches Mother’s Day dementia awareness campaign

The billboard campaign is one of a number of CHD Living is boosting dementia awareness
The billboard campaign is one of a number of CHD Living is boosting dementia awareness

Surrey care group CHD Living has launched a dementia awareness campaign ahead of Mother’s Day.

With women accounting for almost two-thirds of people living with dementia, ‘You’re My Mother’s Day’ seeks to highlight the complexities of the condition and get people talking.

Shaleeza Hasham, head of hospitality & communications at CHD Living, commented: “The impact of dementia is profound. But many people only have a rudimentary understanding of the condition. All too often, it’s associated with memory loss, while Alzheimer’s is usually the only condition they may have heard of. We’re hoping to make people more aware of not only the different types of dementia, but also its symptoms and their wider impact.”

Alongside the billboard awareness campaign, CHD Living is also looking to create a dementia support community to provide advice and guidance to those who are supporting loved ones, friends or others in the community. While it will also offer the opportunity for people to connect with others going through a similar experience to them.

With several specialist dementia care centres amongst its services, CHD Living has more than 40 years of experience in caring for people living with dementia, and its team will be looking to hold community dementia cafes to help people learn more about dementia as a condition or to come to terms with a diagnosis.

For more information and to register for CHD Living’s dementia cafes, please visit

While a video in support of the campaign can be seen here:

For more information from Alzheimer’s Research UK into dementia’s impact on women, please visit:

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