“Persuade, cajole and convince” best strategy to promote care worker vaccine take up

Care providers have said they are broadly opposed to plans to make the Covid-19 vaccine compulsory for those working in care settings and have questioned whether jabs will be mandatory in other sectors.

The Independent Care Group (ICG) says it would prefer people to have the vaccine voluntarily rather than be forced to.

ICG Chair Mike Padgham: “We agree that the vaccine is very important in care settings and that it has undoubtedly saved many lives.

“The message coming out from the Government seems to be in favour of legislation but I think we ought to consider all sides of this argument very carefully.

“My view would be persuade, cajole and convince rather than legislate. We don’t want any more barriers to recruitment into the care sector.

“I have always been of the belief that we shouldn’t force someone to have an injection and it should be voluntary. The Government must work harder to persuade everyone to have the injection to help move the country back to normality.”

Padgham added that other sectors such as the NHS should be included in any mandatory vaccination programme “We must also remember that if it is to be made compulsory in care settings then it must surely be the same in NHS care settings and in other areas too. The question is, where might this stop?”

Professor Martin Green

Martin Green, chair of Care England, also asked whether mandatory vaccination would apply to healthcare staff working in the NHS and elsewhere.

“Should the vaccine be mandatory for adult social care staff working in care homes for older people it begs the question whether it should not be mandatory for the NHS, those working in other care home settings, supported living, hospices, etc as well,” he said.

Date Published: April 21, 2021