Keeping your laundry infection-free

For the care sector, it’s more important than ever to follow best practice when it comes to managing an on-premise laundry (OPL) in order to maintain strict standards of hygiene and infection control. If you work in or run an OPL, here are some of the FAQs the team at WASHCO are often asked.

Does thermal disinfection kill germs?

Thermal disinfection, ie, hot temperatures, kills germs, but it is important to follow best practice, as stated by the Health Technical Memorandum. It recommends hot wash cycles of 65°C for a minimum of 10 minutes or 71°C for no less than 3 minutes.

Our WASHCONNECT range of smart washers allow you to monitor which cycles are being used with real-time temperature validation in order to give you confidence that thermal disinfection is taking place.

Are clean and disinfected the same thing?

In the world of laundry, the words clean and disinfected are not always interchangeable. In other words, you might have linens which have been washed and thoroughly removed of all germs but they still have stains or discolouration – so, disinfected but not clean. This is why it is important to make the right choice for each and every wash.

Does one solution fit all?

As with many things in life, one solution doesn’t fit all when it comes to laundry. Ozone might be the perfect solution for your woollens where high temperatures are an issue but thermal disinfection might be your best solution for sheets, killing germs and removing stains and discolouration.

Why does my equipment need regular servicing?

As with most machines, servicing is absolutely key to ensuring everything is working properly; for example, checking the machine is holding the correct temperature. Regular maintenance also means fewer breakdowns and less hassle for your laundry.

Does it matter if I overfill my machine?

To put it simply, if you overfill your machine, it can’t do its job properly. As a result, you can’t have 100% confidence that your laundry is clean and infection free.

Can I dry on a high heat setting in my tumble dryer to kill bacteria?

You can, but we definitely wouldn’t recommend it. You’ll need to set your dryer at 60°C+ for at least 60 minutes in order to kill bacteria, but this will also destroy or damage most fabrics and linens.

Who are WASHCO?

WASHCO specialises in the supply, support and lifecycle maintenance of commercial laundry equipment across the UK. Working with industry-leading brands such as Miele, Speed Queen and Primus (Alliance), we deliver a complete solution to care homes via our highly trained technical team and network of field engineers.

Our line-up of innovative solutions includes an industry-first range of smart laundry equipment – WASHCONNECT. Using the latest IoT technology, WASHCONNECT gives you 100% confidence in your infection control management. Our CQC compliant washers and dryers ensure linen is hygienically clean with full visibility and real-time temperature validation throughout the entire laundry process.

Care homes across the UK are choosing WASHCONNECT to transform their laundry. For more information and to explore the benefits for yourself, call us on 01635 263418 or email [email protected]

Date Published: January 22, 2021