Government must face the reality

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]November 5, 2018

By guest blogger JOHN WOODWARD

Once again, the Government has demonstrated a lack of commitment to funding adult social care.

While the Chancellor did pledge £650m to help local authorities to pay for adult social care, a mere £240m is ringfenced – less than £2m per council. All this while simultaneously making £1.3m in cuts to their budgets.

Councils face immediate pressure and it’s the individuals who are suffering as a result. Mr Hammond spoke of giving councils more control over their funding – but what about cutting straight to the heart of the problem and giving control and choice to the people who need care?

With the long-delayed adult social care green paper only two months away, the decision to delay longer term funding decisions until the next spending review simply doesn’t make sense and is extremely concerning.

I urge the Government and the Opposition to wake up and confront the reality that this problem isn’t going away and that sticking plasters won’t help. I can only hope the green paper will deliver some much-needed change.

– John Woodward, the co-founder and president of Busy Bees Childcare, was instrumental in the introduction of childcare vouchers and is now campaigning for a similar salary sacrifice system to help people pay for either their own, or a loved one’s, adult social care. Mr Woodward is calling for the vouchers scheme to be added to the upcoming social care green paper to encourage debate and discussion of the issue.

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Date Published: November 5, 2018