OPINION: Impact of recruitment on care quality and the Care Sector Fundraising Ball

Seb Kingman, business development manager for Leaders in Care, tells Caring Times how the recruitment crisis is impacting care quality and explains why the company has become an ambassador of the Care Sector Fundraising Ball.

The improvements in quality of care most shouted about come from grand structural investments or technological advancement. However, without the incredible people who deliver person-centred care daily, none of that would matter. Hence, the right people in the right positions can make the fundamental difference when it comes to quality of care.

This is core to our mission at Leaders in Care, as we are at the forefront of ensuring that our care providers are staffed with the best talent. Founded in 2017 on the idea that recruitment should be easy, transparent and effective, we strive to enhance the standards of care by connecting top-tier professionals with organisations that value their expertise and dedication.

We have a multi-faceted approach, with one of our core values being giving back to the community as a whole. Humble beginnings saw us offering our questionable gardening skills to local care homes, before raising money for local hospices by climbing Mount Snowdon in the dark, with us now reaching new heights becoming ambassadors for Championing Social Care and supporting the Care Sector Fundraising Ball.

Our holistic approach means that everything we do is connected together.


The current black hole in social care funding is leaving providers with little flexibility when it comes to employment policy. It is essential that retaining members of staff with a proven high standard is key to their strategy on quality. Consistency is key. Residents thrive on familiar faces and staff understanding their individual needs; that bond makes a fundamental difference to the experience of a resident.

This is why Leaders in Care has commissioned a research project into nurse retention, which you can find here. Results highlighted show even small changes in how a provider manages their staff can exponentially improve their retention; from paid breaks to positive reinforcement. With constant upheaval comes increased costs and administrative burdens at a time when providers truly can’t afford either. Maintaining a high quality of care under these conditions is exhausting and is causing a ‘brain drain’ in the sector.


For those providers that struggle with retention, their staff are becoming inevitably overworked. This is causing burnout across the sector, which in turn is leading to valuable workers leaving the sector for good. Overburdened healthcare professionals are unable to perform at their best, which can compromise the quality of care they provide.

By maintaining optimal staffing levels, we help healthcare professionals manage their workload more effectively. This not only improves their job satisfaction but also enables them to deliver the high standard of care that residents deserve. Preventing burnout through proper staffing is crucial. It ensures that care providers can consistently perform at their best, enhancing the overall quality of care.


Quality of care doesn’t just come from retaining your current staff, but from ensuring that the hires you are making are going to have a positive impact on the care provided. This will come at a direct level with residents as well as adding to the marketplace of ideas in future policymaking. At Leaders in Care, we believe that finding the right cultural fit is as important as matching skills and experience. This is underpinned by our commitment to psychometric testing all of our candidates which ensures a strong cultural and values match. When healthcare professionals share the values and vision of their employers, they are more likely to stay engaged and committed to their work.

Market analysis shows that organisations with higher retention rates and well-matched staff deliver better care outcomes. By ensuring that salary expectations are met and that there is alignment in values and goals, we uplift the overall quality of care services. You can find our latest salary survey and market analysis here to pitch yourselves within the market accurately. When you bring in the best people, they not only bring their expertise, but also their passion and dedication, which are essential for providing compassionate and effective care.

Why we’re supporting the ball

Our decision to support the Care Sector Fundraising Ball and partner with Championing Social Care as ambassadors was based around it aligning perfectly with our core values. We aim to be more than just a recruitment firm; we look to be an integral pillar of the healthcare community, dedicated to corporate responsibility and the betterment of care standards. The ball is an opportunity to honour the incredible achievements and sacrifices made by our clients and their people as well as to support two remarkable charities in the Care Workers Charity and Marie Curie that continue to make significant contributions to the sector.

The 2022 Care Sector Fundraising Ball
The 2022 Care Sector Fundraising Ball

By supporting the ball, we also aim to foster collaboration among key stakeholders in the care sector. Bringing together industry leaders, caregivers, and advocates creates an environment where new developments can emerge, and connections that drive innovation can be made. Partnering with ambassadors who share our vision for the care sector enhances our collective efforts to improve care quality and support those who dedicate their lives to this mission.

Call to action

We invite others in the industry to join us in supporting this significant event. You can make a substantial difference. You can join us as a partner, buy a table, make a donation or volunteer your time and expertise. By participating, you not only help raise essential funds but also contribute to a cause that benefits the entire community and shines a positive light on the social care sector at large.


At Leaders in Care, we are committed to improving the quality of care through strategic recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals. We know just how hard people within the healthcare industry work, which means we also recognise the need to deliver a time-saving and efficient service so that you can focus on the people you care for. By incorporating these ideals into our work practices, we can successfully guide you through the demanding world of healthcare recruitment.

Through our support for the ball, we continue to champion the values that drive our mission and invite others to join us in this endeavour. For those interested in supporting this cause, please contact us to learn how you can make a difference in the care sector.

Together, we can ensure that every resident receives the high-quality care they deserve. And as we continue to grow, our commitment to invest back in the community only grows with it. Who knows what’s next!

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