Cleanliness is next to happiness

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Creating that ‘just like home’ feeling for care residents

By Davina Ludlow,  consultant to the care home sector and a member of P&G Professional’s Expert Advisory Council.

Care home residents, particularly the elderly, are susceptible to germs and bacteria. It is extremely important for housekeeping teams to be vigilant with cleaning standards to avoid the easy spread of infection within this environment.

From the very first moment a potential resident and their family set foot in a care home, they are influenced by the standard of cleanliness. This is going to be their loved one’s home so it is essential it feels and smells like ‘home’. The first impression when walking into a home is how welcoming the environment is, and a key part of this is its cleanliness. Recent research by P&G Professional suggests a ‘just like home’ setting is important for 85% of those seeking a facility, with hygiene an important consideration.

Cleanliness impacts the overall environment and wellbeing of current residents, too. If a care home smells and feels like home, residents are likely to settle in quickly. And if the residents are happy, the care home is a happy home. This can be achieved by using the best cleaning products. Safe, simple and effective, P&G Professional has the brands your residents will know and trust, such as Ariel Professional, Flash Professional and Febreze Professional. Those in care homes can be sensitive to touch and smell. P&G Professional not only cleans and disinfects to reduce germ spread, but also provides a familiar sensory experience, making residents – and guests – feel comfortable, just like home. Easy to use and requiring only simple training, P&G Professional delivers great first time results, with no re-work. I always advise tackling an issue straight away – don’t try to disguise it. Eliminate at the root to get rid of a bad smell. P&G Professional will do this, leaving that desired ‘just like home’ feel.

It is not only the building and furnishings that need to be maintained, but also personal hygiene is essential. It is vital there is a decent laundry system in place to ensure all bedding and clothing are maintained to the highest standard. As one gets older, personal hygiene becomes a chore. My advice to care workers is to make this an enjoyable experience, using residents’ favourite bathing products. As the elderly are susceptible to infections these will spread much faster if the hygiene within the home is not maintained. Germs can be passed around very quickly when older residents are living in close proximity, and with many having reduced immunity, this easily becomes problematic.

Another important factor, and quite often overlooked, is the wellbeing of staff. Everyone is aware how important it is to recruit and maintain good staff. A homely environment is important to ensure they enjoy and are happy in their work. Since staff are the ones using the cleaning products, they need to be assured they are both user and environmentally friendly. P&G Professional believes that green starts with clean and has established the Green and Clean program within its portfolio to recognise the products that are minimising human and environmental impact. Not only are all P&G Professional products made in plants powered by 100% renewable wind-power electricity with zero manufacturing waste going to landfill, they are all made from recyclable materials and can be recycled. Simple to use, P&G Professional’s products and systems streamline cleaning practices and therefore use of scarce resources like water, to get the job done right first time.

Making sure a care home is clean is one of the most critical features to ensure the home is both a happy and healthy environment not only for the residents but also for their relatives and staff.

  • To learn more about P&G Professional and its professional cleaning systems please visit or call 0800 716 854.

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Date Published: October 24, 2019